Top 10 Best Ski Rack For Garages 2024

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Best Choice
Gravity Grabber - Ultimate Ski & Snowboard Wall Rack

Gravity Grabber - Ultimate Ski & Snowboard Wall Rack

  • Store your skis or snowboard on safe contact points with gravity locking design. 
  • With anti-slip pads, keep what's hanging - hanging. Gravity Grabber's gravity-locking design and anti-slip rubber pads,.
  • It's important to be the first to the mountain on a powder day and your gear put away quickly when you're done.
  • Odds are, you have more than one set of skis/boards in your quiver. 
  • Keep that garage-mahal organized. Hang shovels, rakes, picks, garden, bike.
Best Value
WALMANN Garage Storage Organization System Ski Wall Rack

WALMANN Garage Storage Organization System Ski Wall Rack

  • Ski wall storage rack holds up to 10 pairs of skis with the 5 storage attachment hooks.
  • Holds racing skis, powder skis, twin tip skis, all mountain skis, downhill skis, slalom skis, cross country skis.
  • Made of high-strength steel, the mounting holes are 16” apart! Perfect for studs.
  • Durable powder-coated rack and rubber-coated hooks. Resists rusting, chipping and cracking.
  • The rack provides superb organization for your ski gears and it also functions as auxiliary storage for other sporting equipment.
StoreYourBoard Ski Storage Rack and Wall Shelf

StoreYourBoard Ski Storage Rack and Wall Shelf

  • Adjustable wall storage rack neatly holds up to 5 pairs of powder skis, rocker skis, racing skis, and all mountain skis.
  • Rubber-coated, spring-loaded storage attachments gently hold skis in a neutral position to preserve ski camber and rocker.
  • Solid steel and aluminum support up to 300 lbs total, up to 25 lbs per ski storage attachment. 
  • Additional storage space for ski boots, ski helmets, bags, and bins. All-in-one storage for all your ski gear.
  • Proudly designed in Virginia. Built to organize your skis and built to last!
StoreYourBoard Adjustable Ski and Snowboard Ceiling Rack

StoreYourBoard Adjustable Ski and Snowboard Ceiling Rack

  • Double-sided ceiling storage for maximum storage capacity of skis, snowboards, poles, cases, and more.
  • Solid steel supports up to 150 lbs, up to 75 lbs per side. Locking pins provide a rock-solid, secure setup.
  • Offers 10" - 18" of storage clearance to fit bindings, bags, and cases. Rack extends total of 12.125" - 20.125" from ceiling.
  • Durable, closed-cell foam padding gently supports skis and snowboards in place without scratching or marking the finish.
  • Rotating ceiling base aligns with joists running in either direction. Quality hardware included for maximum strength.
StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Storage Rack, Holds 8 Pairs

StoreYourBoard Ski Wall Storage Rack, Holds 8 Pairs

  • Wall-mounted vertical ski rack to keep up to 8 pairs of skis organized and protected.
  • olid steel ski wall rack holds up to 200 lbs. Black powder coating resists rust and protects your skis from damage.
  • Holds up to 8 pairs skis! Fits racing, powder, parabolic, cross country, and twin tip skis. Also great for snowboards.
  • Space-efficient rack takes up only 2.5 sq ft, great for optimizing storage in your garage, home, ski shop, or condo.
  • Quality mounting hardware included. No assembly required. Fits standard 16" wall stud spacing.
Monkey Bars Storage Wall Mounted Ski Racks (6-Pair)

Monkey Bars Storage Wall Mounted Ski Racks (6-Pair)

  • The 6" hook is made of solid steel with a rubber dipped coating to ensure your items don't shift or move around. 
  • The rubber coating protects your items as well as increases the grip of the hook.
  • All hooks, bars, and brackets are powder coated for a tough exterior that looks great.
  • All of our kits are made with steel to provide you with strength you can count on.
  • The rack is 51" wide allowing you to mount the brackets into your wall studs.
StoreYourBoard Horizontal Multi Ski Wall Rack

StoreYourBoard Horizontal Multi Ski Wall Rack

  • Solid steel supports up to 100 lbs total. Each level can fit 2-3 pairs of skis for up to 8-12 pairs of skis on this one rack.
  • Quality hardware included for maximum strength. Mounts directly into wall studs with adjustable spacing to fit your skis.
  • Holds powder skis, all mountain skis, twin tip skis, racing skis, carving skis, freestyle skis, as well as ski poles.
  • Durable rubber liner protects your skis from scratches and scuffs while providing a firm grip for secure storage.
  • Each storage attachment includes a rubber-coated edge at a 30 degree angle to provide a safe. 
StoreYourBoard Ski Storage Rack, 4 Pair Freestanding Skis Floor Mount

StoreYourBoard Ski Storage Rack, 4 Pair Freestanding Skis Floor Mount

  • Holds up to 4 pairs of skis, up to 140mm wide at the tails. Perfect for race skis, all mountain skis, twin tips, and powder skis.
  • The freestanding rack arrives ready to use out of the box.
  • Sipmly slide on the bottom support legs and you are ready to load your skis.
  • Durable ABS plastic with drainage holes is built to handle your snow-crusted skis.
  • Portable design allows you to use the rack inside or outside your home.
Ultrawall Ski Rack, Wall Mounted Ski Storage for Garage

Ultrawall Ski Rack, Wall Mounted Ski Storage for Garage

  • This ski storage rack has capacity for 10 pairs of skis on 32-inch rails with 5 adjustable 11-inch hooks. 
  • This versatile ski rack is suitable for storing most skis and snowboards.
  • Bundle pairs of skis together for organized and efficient storage. The rack helps keep your garage tidy.
  • Our ski holder is constructed from powder-coated steel, offering superior durability and protection against rust, chips, and cracks.
  • The scratch-resistant rubber sleeves gently secure your skis while preventing damage.
SteelChimp Ski Storage Rack for Garage

SteelChimp Ski Storage Rack for Garage

  • Wobble-Free (Nearly) Perpendicular Mount - Patent-pending mount drastically reduces lateral movement.
  • Permanent Rubber Protection - Rubber lining that will not detach to prevent accidental scratches.
  • Space Saver - Store your boards & accessories and utilize the space in your garage or stock room.
  • Strong Arms Racks - Can hold up to 30 lbs. per level.
  • Heavy Duty Steel - High gauge, powder-coated corrosion-resistant finish to last a lifetime.
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A ski rack for garages is an essential organizational tool for avid skiers and snowboarders, providing a convenient and safe way to store winter sports equipment when not in use. These racks are designed to hold skis, snowboards, poles, boots, and other gear neatly and securely, maximizing space and keeping your garage clutter-free. Whether you’re a recreational enthusiast or a professional athlete, a well-chosen ski rack can streamline your storage system and protect your valuable equipment. Here’s a detailed guide to understanding ski racks for garages, their benefits, features, installation tips, and considerations before making a purchase.

Benefits of Ski Racks for Garages

  1. Optimized Storage: Efficiently organizes skis, snowboards, poles, and other winter sports gear, freeing up floor space and reducing clutter in the garage.
  2. Protection: Keeps equipment off the ground, preventing damage from moisture, dirt, and accidental bumps or falls.
  3. Accessibility: Provides easy access to gear, making it convenient to grab and go for your next skiing adventure.
  4. Durability: Designed from sturdy materials such as steel, aluminum, or heavy-duty plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.
  5. Versatility: Accommodates various types and sizes of skis, snowboards, and other equipment, including helmets, goggles, and gloves.

Features of Ski Racks for Garages

  1. Wall-Mounted Design: Most ski racks mount directly to the wall, utilizing vertical space and keeping gear organized and accessible.
  2. Capacity: Racks vary in capacity, accommodating multiple pairs of skis, snowboards, and additional equipment like poles and boots.
  3. Material: Choose racks made from durable materials like steel or aluminum for strength and stability, capable of supporting the weight of your gear.
  4. Padding or Hooks: Some racks include padded hooks or cushioned arms to protect equipment from scratches and dents.
  5. Adjustability: Look for racks with adjustable features to customize spacing between hooks or arms, accommodating different sizes of skis and snowboards.
  6. Additional Storage: Some racks incorporate shelves, baskets, or hooks for storing accessories such as helmets, gloves, or tuning tools.

Considerations When Choosing a Ski Rack for Garages

  1. Space Availability: Measure your garage space and consider the layout to determine the best location for mounting the ski rack.
  2. Capacity Needs: Assess how many skis, snowboards, poles, and other equipment you need to store to choose a rack with adequate capacity.
  3. Installation: Ensure the rack comes with all necessary hardware and instructions for straightforward installation. Consider whether you prefer a rack that mounts directly into studs or can be mounted on drywall with anchors.
  4. Compatibility: Check that the rack is suitable for the types of skis and snowboards you own, including their lengths and widths.
  5. Accessibility and Convenience: Evaluate how easy it is to load and unload equipment from the rack, especially if you frequently switch gear or have multiple users.
  6. Budget: Set a budget based on the features and quality you require, balancing affordability with durability and functionality.

Installing and Using a Ski Rack for Garages Effectively

  • Locate Studs: Use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall where you plan to mount the rack for secure attachment.
  • Mounting: Follow manufacturer instructions carefully for drilling pilot holes, using appropriate hardware, and securing the rack firmly to the wall.
  • Organize Gear: Arrange skis, snowboards, poles, and accessories on the rack in a way that maximizes space and keeps everything easily accessible.
  • Maintenance: Regularly inspect the rack and tighten bolts if necessary. Clean equipment before storage to prevent dirt buildup.


A ski rack for garages is an essential investment for organizing and protecting your winter sports equipment. By choosing a rack that suits your storage needs, space constraints, and budget, you can enhance the functionality of your garage while ensuring your skis, snowboards, and gear remain in top condition season after season. Whether you enjoy occasional skiing outings or are a dedicated winter sports enthusiast, a well-designed ski rack provides a practical solution for keeping your equipment organized, accessible, and ready for your next adventure on the slopes.

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