Top 10 Best Scanners 2024

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Best Choice
Epson Perfection V39 II Color Photo and Document Flatbed Scanner

Epson Perfection V39 II Color Photo and Document Flatbed Scanner

  • This easy-to-use photo scanner delivers amazing clarity and detail at a great value. With the  Epson Scan Smart.
  • You can scan photos, artwork, illustrations, books, documents and more to cloud storage services3 as well as stitch together oversized images. 
  • Boost your scanning capability stitch oversized images together and send scans to cloud storage services.
  • If your photos have faded, you can bring back the color in one click with easy photo fix technology.
  • Create editable Microsoft Office documents scan to Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with optical character recognition.
Best Value
Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner

Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner

  • With Auto scan mode, the scanner automatically detects what you're scanning.
  • Scanner type document connectivity technology USB. Digitize documents and images.
  • Allows the scanner to easily fit into even the smaller spaces and shelves in a home.
  • EZ buttons enable one-touch scanning of document (PDF) or photo originals, magazines, or document stacks.
  • The Advanced Z-lid lid can be elevated parallel up to 21mm from the platen surface, making quality scans possible for scanning of bulky books.
ScanSnap iX1600 Wireless or USB High-Speed Cloud Enabled Document, Photo & Receipt Scanner

ScanSnap iX1600 Wireless or USB High-Speed Cloud Enabled Document, Photo & Receipt Scanner

  • Large color touchscreen fast 40ppm duplex scanning wi-fi and USB connectivity photo scanning and support for a wide.
  • Easily select your scanning destination with up to 30 scanning profiles. Send to PC, Mac, mobile devices and cloud services.
  • Users can select their profile from the touchscreen and access their personal shortcuts and destinations.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows direct connection to smart devices or cloud services without a computer and allows for placement wherever it’s convenient.
  • Easily manage, edit, and use scanned data from documents, receipts, business cards, photos, and more.
Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner

Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner

  • Scans color and black and white documents a blazing speed up to 16ppm.
  • Color scanning won’t slow you down as the color scan speed is the same as the black and white scan speed.
  • The DS-640 mobile scanner is powered via an included micro USB 3. 0 cable allowing you to use it even where there is no outlet available.
  • Use the Brother free Print & Scan desktop app for scanning to multiple “Scan-to” destinations like PC, Network, cloud services.
  • Automatic color bleed through prevention/background removal, text enhancement, color drop to enhance scans.
Epson Workforce ES-400 II Color Duplex Desktop Document Scanner for PC

Epson Workforce ES-400 II Color Duplex Desktop Document Scanner for PC

  • The robust 50-sheet auto document feeder easily accommodates multiple paper types and sizes in one batch.
  • Easy scanning with intuitive epson scan smart software  preview, email, upload to the cloud and more automatic file naming saves time.
  • Email or upload to popular cloud storage services such as dropbox, Evernote, google Drive and OneDrive.
  • Create searchable PDFs with optical character recognition (OCR). Convert scanned documents to editable Word and Excel files.
  • Auto crop, blank page skip, background removal, dirt detection and paper-skew correction with Epson Image Processing Technology.
Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds

Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W, Fast Scan Speeds

  • It scans stacks of double-sided, color and black and white materials up to 25ppm.
  • The 20-Page capacity auto document feeder lets you easily scan documents and receipts up to 34" long.
  • The 2.8” color Touchscreen display for one-touch scanning to preset destinations and device settings management.
  • Enhance scans with automatic color detection/adjustment, image rotation (PC only), bleed through prevention / background removal.
  • Auto Start Scan lets you simply drop paper into the feeder to initiate auto scanning to a predefined profile.
ScanSnap iX1300 Compact Wireless or USB Double-Sided Color Document, Photo & Receipt Scanner

ScanSnap iX1300 Compact Wireless or USB Double-Sided Color Document, Photo & Receipt Scanner

  • Space saving operational design in the smallest of spaces for virtually any work or home office environment.
  • Innovative and intelligent paper feeding enhancements to handle the widest variety of document types in the ScanSnap.
  • Lightning fast one touch paper-in, image-up performance with automatic deskew, color detection and blank page removal to streamline.
  • Scan 4" x 6" photos in under a second with intelligent features such as auto facial orientation and red-eye reduction.
  • Along with USB connectivity, Wi-Fi compatibility provides even more connectability to Mac, PC, mobile devices.
Canon imageFORMULA R10 Portable Document Scanner, 2-Sided Scanning

Canon imageFORMULA R10 Portable Document Scanner, 2-Sided Scanning

  • Easily convert your paper documents into digital formats like searchable PDF files, JPEGs, and more. power consumption.
  • Lightweight and small in size, you can take the scanner anywhere from home offices, classrooms, remote offices.
  • Digitize receipts, business cards, plastic or embossed cards, reports, legal documents, and more.
  • Easily scan both sides of a document at the same time, in color or black-and-white, at up to 12 pages-per-minute.
  • Use your scanner with ease as the powerful scanning software is already built-in, requires no installation, and updates automatically.
Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document Scanner

Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document Scanner

  • Remove the appearance of tears and creases from photos: Digital ICE for prints.
  • Energy efficient ready scan LED light source means no warm up time, faster scans and lower power consumption.
  • Instantly scan, copy, scan to email and create PDFs with four customizable buttons with epson Ready scan LED technology.
  • Restore faded color photos with one touch epson easy photo fix.
  • The V600 Photo comes with four customisable buttons that let users instantly scan, copy, scan-to-email and create PDFs at a single touch.
Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner for PC

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner for PC

  • One button searchable PDF creation, Intelligent paper feed detection, Blazing 20ppm color scanning.
  • Even better, documents scanned by ScanSnap take on a higher level of accessibility and usefulness once liberated into the digital realm.
  • Storage space, and security risk associated with unmanaged paperwork at home or office.
  • The S1500 automatically recognizes the size of each document and shows images in their proper orientation with blank pages removed.
  • Simply load a stack of documents into the automatic document feeder and press the "Scan" button.
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In today’s fast-paced digital world, scanners play a crucial role in bridging the gap between analog and digital realms. They allow us to convert physical documents, photographs, and artwork into digital formats for easy sharing, editing, and archiving. Whether for personal use, professional settings, or creative projects, understanding the types, features, and considerations when choosing a scanner can help you select the right tool for your needs. This article explores the world of scanners, offering insights into their significance, varieties, and how to choose the perfect scanner for your requirements.

Types of Scanners

Understanding the different types of scanners on the market is key to finding one that matches your specific needs:

  • Flatbed Scanners: These scanners are versatile and user-friendly, making them ideal for a wide range of documents and images, including books, photos, and fragile items. They operate by placing the item on a glass pane with a moving scanning arm beneath it.
  • Sheet-Fed Scanners: Optimized for high-volume document scanning, sheet-fed scanners are perfect for office environments. They quickly process stacks of paper but aren’t suitable for books or delicate items that can’t be fed through a feeder.
  • Portable Scanners: For those who need scanning capabilities on the go, portable scanners offer a compact and lightweight solution. They are perfect for scanning receipts, business cards, and documents directly from your desk, client’s office, or even a coffee shop.
  • Photo Scanners: Designed with a focus on high resolution and color accuracy, photo scanners are the go-to for photographers and anyone looking to digitize high-quality images. They often come with specialized software to enhance and restore old photographs.
  • Drum Scanners: Employed primarily by professionals requiring the highest quality scans for artwork and detailed images, drum scanners offer unparalleled resolution and color fidelity. They are, however, more expensive and complex to operate.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Scanner

Selecting the right scanner involves more than just picking a type. Consider the following factors to ensure you get a device that meets your needs:

  • Resolution: Expressed in dots per inch (DPI), resolution indicates the scanner’s ability to capture detail. Higher DPI is crucial for scanning photographs or artwork where detail is paramount.
  • Speed: If you’re scanning large volumes of documents, speed is a critical factor. Look at the pages per minute (PPM) or images per minute (IPM) rating.
  • Size and Portability: Assess your space and whether you’ll need to transport the scanner. Desk space and mobility needs can greatly influence your choice.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly software and intuitive design can significantly enhance your scanning experience, especially for those who need to scan a variety of materials regularly.
  • Connectivity Options: Consider how the scanner connects to your computer or network. USB is common, but Wi-Fi or networked scanners offer more flexibility for multiple users or devices.
  • Software Features: Advanced software features like optical character recognition (OCR) can convert scanned documents into editable text, while other software might offer photo editing capabilities.


Scanners are invaluable tools in our digital age, offering the ability to digitize, preserve, and share documents and images with ease. Whether for personal archiving, professional documentation, or creative expression, understanding the types of scanners and what to look for based on your needs is essential. By considering the factors outlined above, you can choose a scanner that not only meets your current requirements but also serves you well into the future as your needs evolve.