Top 10 Best Hedge Trimmers 2024

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Best Choice
DEWALT 20V* MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 22 Inches

DEWALT 20V* MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 22 Inches

  • Powerful high output motor of the cordless hedge trimmer is designed for cuts up to 3/4-inch thick
  • The battery powered hedge trimmer has 22-inch laser cut, hooked-tooth blade design
  • Trimmers for plants have a compact and lightweight design
  • Part of the 20V max system of tools
  • Tool only product, battery and charger must be purchased separately
Best Value
BLACK+DECKER Electric Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Electric Hedge Trimmer

  • Lightweight 3.0 amp corded electric hedge trimmer for small hedges and shrubs with branches up to 5⁄8 inch thick.
  • Bulk-free design, built-in T-handle and full length trigger for less fatigue.
  • Hardened steel dual- action blade for reduced vibration while trimming.
  • Corded electric power with built-in cord retention system for longer work sessions without accidentally unplugging.
  • Easy fatigue-free operation with multi-finger trigger pull.
WORKPRO Cordless Grass Shear & Shrubbery Trimmer - 2 in 1 Handheld 7.2V Electric Grass Trimmer

WORKPRO Cordless Grass Shear & Shrubbery Trimmer - 2 in 1 Handheld 7.2V Electric Grass Trimmer

  • Perfect present for Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc
  • Workpro cordless grass trimmer has been upgraded with a powerful motor.
  • This handheld hedge trimmer is very lightweight, weighing only 0.82 lbs, easy to operate and carry.
  • The Type-C charging cable can be charged from a mobile phone charger (5V/2A), laptop/PC, car, or power bank USB port.
  • The hedge trim blades - are best suitable for less than 7.95mm thickness branches. Moreover, blade.
Greenworks 40V 24

Greenworks 40V 24" Cordless Hedge Trimmer

  • 40V Lithium Ion battery delivers fade free power with no memory loss after charging.
  • 24 inch steel blades for professional trimming results. Dual action steel blades from optimal performance.
  • Dual action steel blades from optimal performance and maneuvering.
  • Easy trimming at multiple angles with 3 sided wrap around auxiliary handle. 
  • 1 inch cutting capacity for controlled, easy trimming of most bushes and hedges.
Worx WG261 20V Power Share 22

Worx WG261 20V Power Share 22" Cordless Hedge Trimmer

  • Ergonomic perfection: Tough yet comfortable to use, and long enough to make short work of your hedge trimming duties.
  • Enough length for flat tops and long, even sides. Yet still nimble enough to round the corners. 
  • The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family.
  • The D-grip handle lets you hold it from any angle and cut from any position that’s comfortable. 
  • The dual-action blades cut once, then catches that branch again on the way back, just to make sure.
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Power Command Powercut

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Power Command Powercut

  • A powerful 20 volt max lithium Ion battery delivers power and extended run time.
  • 22 inches dual action blade to ensures less vibration while trimming.
  • Cuts branches up to 3/4 inches diameter.
  • Ergonomic grips and low vibration help you work longer and complete the job..
  • Part of the 20 volt max system, Cutting Strokes/Min: 2400.
SKIL PWR CORE 40 Brushless 40V 24” Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit with Dual Action Blade, 3/4'' Cut Capacity

SKIL PWR CORE 40 Brushless 40V 24” Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit with Dual Action Blade, 3/4'' Cut Capacity

  • One 2.5Ah Battery and one Auto PWR JUMP Charger to keep you powered up.
  • The digital brushless motor provides efficient, high-performance power without the hassle of a gas or electric hedge trimmer.
  • The 40 lithium battery technology wraps each cell with cooling material to keep the battery powering on for 25% longer run time.
  • Auto PWR JUMP charges the battery from 0-30% in just 15 minutes.
  • Good for wide hedges and hard-to-reach branches.
Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

  • Corded hedge trimmer with a powerful 4 amp motor.
  • 22-inch-long cutting bar; hardened steel blades.
  • Easily cuts through branches up to 9/16-inch thick.
  • Dual-action cutting system reduces vibration; cord-lock system.
  • Measures 8 by 8 by 36 inches.
MZK 22.4'' Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 20V Bush Trimmer, Handheld Hedge Cutter

MZK 22.4'' Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 20V Bush Trimmer, Handheld Hedge Cutter

  • The trimmer weighing only 5 pounds is equipped with a 20V MAX battery for max cutting power, deliver ultra-power for your trimming jobs.
  • 5/8-inch cutting capacity gets through all your bushes and hedges with greater performance. 
  • The ergonomic wrap-around handle makes it possible to complete trimming work easily and comfortably.
  • MZK always regards the safety of our users as the highest priority, and the double lock designed in our trimmer
  • MZK 20V lithium-ion battery is the core accessory in our product system, which is compatible. 
Sun Joe HJ22HTE-MAX Electric Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch

Sun Joe HJ22HTE-MAX Electric Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer, 22-Inch

  • Powerful 3.8 Amp motor for superior cutting performance.
  • Durable, rust-resistant 22" forged-iron blades.
  • Dual-handed safety switch prevents accidental starting.
  • Lightweight, sleek, ergonomic and easy to maneuver at just 5.1 lbs.
  • For trimming, shaping and sculpting of bushes, shrubs and hedges.
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Hedge trimming is not merely about shaping shrubs; it’s an art form that requires skill, patience, and the right tools. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice enthusiast, mastering the art of hedge trimming can elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space while promoting the health and vitality of your plants. In this article, we delve into the world of hedge trimming, exploring essential tips, techniques, and the best tools to achieve pristine hedges.

Essential Tips for Hedge Trimming:

  1. Choose the Right Time: Timing is crucial when it comes to hedge trimming. It’s generally recommended to trim hedges during the growing season, typically in spring or early summer, to promote healthy regrowth.
  2. Avoid Over-Trimming: While it’s tempting to achieve a perfectly manicured look, over-trimming can weaken the hedge and make it susceptible to pests and diseases. Follow the natural shape of the hedge and trim conservatively.
  3. Use Sharp Tools: Dull blades can result in ragged cuts, causing stress to the plants. Invest in high-quality hedge trimmers with sharp blades for clean and precise cuts.
  4. Safety First: Wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves and safety goggles, to prevent injuries from flying debris or accidental contact with sharp blades.
  5. Step Back and Assess: Periodically step back to evaluate your progress and ensure uniformity in height and shape. This allows you to make adjustments as needed before proceeding.

Mastering Hedge Trimming Techniques:

  1. Vertical Trimming: Start by trimming the vertical sides of the hedge, moving the trimmer in an upward or downward motion to create a straight edge. Use a taut string or a straight edge as a guide for a professional finish.
  2. Horizontal Trimming: Once the vertical sides are trimmed, focus on the top of the hedge, using horizontal strokes to achieve a flat and level surface. Again, a string or a level can help maintain uniformity.
  3. Gradual Tapering: To create a tapered or rounded shape, gradually decrease the trimming depth towards the top of the hedge. This technique adds visual interest and prevents the top from shading the lower branches.
  4. Slight Angle Technique: For hedges with sloping sides, such as conical or pyramid shapes, trim the sides at a slight angle to maintain the desired slope and prevent shading.

Best Tools for Hedge Trimming:

  1. Hedge Trimmers: Choose between electric, cordless, or gas-powered hedge trimmers based on your preference and the size of your hedges. Electric trimmers are lightweight and eco-friendly, while gas-powered ones offer more power for larger hedges.
  2. Pruning Shears: Use hand-held pruning shears for precision trimming of small branches and intricate details.
  3. Ladders or Platforms: For tall hedges, invest in a sturdy ladder or platform to reach higher areas safely.


Hedge trimming is more than just a chore; it’s an opportunity to sculpt living greenery into stunning works of art. By following essential tips, mastering techniques, and using the right tools, you can transform your hedges into beautiful focal points that enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. So, roll up your sleeves, sharpen your trimmers, and embark on a journey to master the art of hedge trimming.